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$7.50 per hatching egg, $20.00 per pullet chick, $10.00 per cockerel chick$

In Spring 2013, Greendale Heritage Farm imported Bielefelder chicks from Greenfire Farms who were the first to import Bielefelders into the United States. Greendale Heritage Farm was one of the first to import these gracious birds into Canada. We have 17 hens and 4 Roosters, probably the largest flock in Canada.The Bielefelder was developed in Bielefeld, Germany in the early 1970s.  The Bielefelder was developed by a number of breeds including the cuckoo Maline, Amrock, Wyandotte, and the New Hampshire.

Another amazing fact about this breed is that in the Bielefelder DNA is the auto-sexing function, day-old chicks are easily sexed, and this trait is passed on with each generation. With auto sexing you are able to order the exact amount of day old pullets or cockerels you would like.  I love the Bielefelder color pattern. 

These birds are truly impressive in size and beauty. They are gentle giants a truly lovely bird, whether hen or rooster. I am so impressed by their nature and amount of beautiful large brown eggs they consistently lay at a young age. Our Bielefelders are truly a remarkable bird in every sense.

Bielefelders are pricier then our other breeds, even in its native land Bielefelders command a very high price today. They are rare and hard to find, especially here in Canada. Hatching eggs are $7.50 each and available now. Day old Pullet Chicks are $20.00 each, Day Old Cockerel Chicks are $10.00 each. Day old chicks will be custom hatched for you.

Follow this link to a video of one of our Bielefelder flocks



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