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Chocolate Orpington

$8 per hatching egg, $18.00 per day old chick$

Greendale Heritage Farm has been breeding Chocolate Orpington since 2014. These birds are not only very pleasing to the eye they are wonderful to be around. They are sweetest of our birds, quiet and very beautiful. Our Chocolates are bred to standard, very English.

Greendale’s lines of Chocolate Orpington originally came from Breed Love Acres, Korpus Klucker’s, and The Fancy Chick lines. In 2015 we added other lines to produce a larger bird. In 2017 we added Phoenix Farm’s line. The Chocolate Orpington lays a slightly tinted egg.

Greendale’s flock consists of 3 Chocolate roosters over 12 Chocolate hens, all standard size. These birds are  absolutely lovely.

Our chicks are sold unsexed for $18.00 per chick. Hatching eggs are $8.00 each or $96.00 per dozen.







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