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Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks

$5 per hatching egg, $10 per day old chick$

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks are the most eye-catching birds on Greendale Heritage Farm. I had to have this variety of Plymouth Rock because they are so gorgeously stunning. These are just a few words that come to mind when looking at a perfectly formed and feathered Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock. The roosters are striking with their clean areas of black and white, while the hens display a crisp uniform, dark penciling all over. The penciled looked is formed from a steel base colour with three pencil markings that follow the contour of every feather. All Plymouth Rock varieties are hardworking birds, the hens are good layers, producing an average of 200 cream-coloured eggs per year. They are weighty, hardy, and tolerate the cold well.

Our Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks are from Precision Plymouth Rocks, exhibition quality stock. Our flock consists of two roosters over seven hens.
We love Plymouth Rocks, but we think this rare Silver Penciled variety is a show stopper!


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