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Silver Salmon Marans

$4.00 per hatching egg, $10 per day old chick$

The Silver Salmon Marans is a variety that is a work in progress.  I fell in love with the beauty of this bird even though it isn’t consistent as melanism and the autosomal red gene show up in each hatch. The birds are beautiful, very personable and lay tons of nice brown eggs. The eggs are easy to hatch, the hens go broody and pullets mature quickly. An overall stunning bird that lays very well.

The chicks have a chipmunk pattern and some chicks will hatch with melanism and autosomal red gene. These chicks are just as lovely to look at, they add variety and colour. If you don’t mind inconsistency and are just wanting a nice bird that lays lots of brown eggs these birds are for you.

Our flock has feathered shanks and consists of two roosters to fifteen pullets. I am pleased to offer them to the public to enjoy along with me.

The breeders behind my Silver Salmon Marans are Keith England, Joe Carlson, Dave Williams, Robert Terwilliger, Alecia Albury and Lynn Rae Troppies.

Silver Salmon hatching eggs are offered at $4.00 each, unsexed day old chicks are $10.00 each.


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