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Mottled Spangled Orpington

$5.00 per hatching egg, $10.00 per day old chick$

 Our beautiful Spangle/Mottle Orpingtons are huge birds that only get more beautiful with age. Marc Sacre first imported them in 2011 to the US and we started breeding them in late 2014. We are one of the first, if not the first to introduce them to the public in Canada.

Our flock consists of 2 Spangle/Mottled Roosters over 20 Spangle/ Mottled hens. The roosters are exceptionally docile and friendly. The hens are absolutely precious.

The birds pictured are my stock as of April 2015, they are still pullets and cockerels with a lot of growing to do. I am amazed at how beautiful they already are. I thought I would give you a preview of this beautiful breed. 

My birds came from three different  breeders orginating from Marc Sacre/ Autumn Farms line. Breeders have introduced the Jubilee gene to the breeding program so there can be a little leakage of Jubilee colour come through. I cannot guarantee that every chick will hatch with the correct colouring. This is a new variety so Mottled Orpingtons are a colour for the patient breeder and aiming for perfection is a slow and long process. Mottled Orpington  can show little expression of the mottles and only after the first moult into their adult plumage do they show their full colour. I think you will agree they are worth the effort!
$5.00 per hatching egg, $10.00 per day old unsexed chick



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