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Svart Hona or Swedish Black Hen

$10.00 per hatching egg, $25.00 per day old chick$

The Swedish Black Hen or Svart Hona is truly a rare and unique breed of chicken and we are proud to be breeding them. The Svart Hona has the same fibromelanistic trait as the Ayam Cemani. The two breeds have physical commonalities but the Svart Hona has adapted to much colder climate then the Ayam Cemani and are rarer. The gene that causes fibromelanosis is a mutation that existed in Asia more than 800 years ago, the gene promotes the proliferation of black pigment cells.

The Swedish Black Hens are one of the smallest and sleekest birds on our farm.  The roosters weigh about 4 lbs. and have a remarkable attitude. I can see how they have survived for so many years. The hens lay white or cream-coloured eggs. The hens are very good layers and make excellent mothers.

  Usually the birds are almost completely black although some have deep mulberry red facial skin.  Feathers shimmer in the sun with iridescent greens and purples. Our Swedish Black Hens are awesome foragers as were their ancestors with hundreds of years of free-range living behind them. Our birds did not suffer from frostbite on their combs on cold windy nights as cold as 20°F without any ill effects.  We have found this landrace to be very hardy and easy to raise despite its rarity.

Our birds are from breeding stock that has had several generations of hard culling and is genetically diverse for a stronger breeding program. We have birds from Bryce Everett’s line, Greenfire’s line, and Brian Provost’s line.

These birds are easy to handle and with the all black appearance these beautiful chickens add an exotic element to any back-yard flock.

Fertile hatching eggs are $10.00 each and day old chicks are $25.00 each.


Video of our Svart Hona Flock





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