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Food by category: Breeds of Poultry

Lavender Orpington

Greendale Heritage Farm has imported Lavender Orpington’s from English lines. We were the first in Canada to import this variety. Greendale’s line is from a Pure English Lavender Orpington rooster, imported from Great Britian by Marc Sacre Heirloom Orpington’s. The Lavender hens were English/Hink JC hens. These Lavender Orpingtons are part of the on going Lavender Project.  Greendale Heritage […]

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Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks are the most eye-catching birds on Greendale Heritage Farm. I had to have this variety of Plymouth Rock because they are so gorgeously stunning. These are just a few words that come to mind when looking at a perfectly formed and feathered Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock. The roosters are striking with […]

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These huge, imposing birds known as Belgian Malines, Mechels, or Coucou de Malines are calm and docile. Malines are an interesting general purpose fowl that combines a very good laying capability (140 to 160) large to jumbo eggs per year with very good flesh growth making them an excellent choice for a heritage meat bird. […]

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Svart Hona or Swedish Black Hen

The Swedish Black Hen or Svart Hona is truly a rare and unique breed of chicken and we are proud to be breeding them. The Svart Hona has the same fibromelanistic trait as the Ayam Cemani. The two breeds have physical commonalities but the Svart Hona has adapted to much colder climate then the Ayam […]

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Black Copper Marans

These beauties lay the darkest egg of all the breeds we have. The egg is so dark and lovely. It is a much sought after egg for Farmer’s Market tables and restaurants. Apparently, the French developed this egg for the culinary world. Black Copper Marans originated in France in the town of Marans. They don’t […]

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Silver Salmon Marans

The Silver Salmon Marans is a variety that is a work in progress.  I fell in love with the beauty of this bird even though it isn’t consistent as melanism and the autosomal red gene show up in each hatch. The birds are beautiful, very personable and lay tons of nice brown eggs. The eggs are easy to hatch, […]

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Chocolate Orpington

Greendale Heritage Farm has been breeding Chocolate Orpington since 2014. These birds are not only very pleasing to the eye they are wonderful to be around. They are sweetest of our birds, quiet and very beautiful. Our Chocolates are bred to standard, very English. Greendale’s lines of Chocolate Orpington originally came from Breed Love Acres, Korpus Klucker’s, and The […]

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Cream Legbar

Greendale Heritage Farm imported Cream Legbar chicks in the spring of 2013 from Greenfire Farm in Florida. In 2016 we put a Jill Rees Cream Legbar Rooster over our Greenfire hens.  We like the blue of the Greenfire eggs as opposed to the Jill Rees, it is much bluer. Cream Legbars received a written standard by […]

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In Spring 2013, Greendale Heritage Farm imported Bielefelder chicks from Greenfire Farms who were the first to import Bielefelders into the United States. Greendale Heritage Farm was one of the first to import these gracious birds into Canada. We have 17 hens and 4 Roosters, probably the largest flock in Canada.The Bielefelder was developed in Bielefeld, […]

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