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We breed and raise rare Heritage Breed Poultry, custom hatch chicks and ship fertile hatching eggs anywhere in Canada.

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Golden Crele Legbar

Greendale Heritage Farm imported Golden Crele Legbar chicks in the spring of 2013 from Greenfire Farm in Florida. Our Legbar flock is made up of 2011 to 2013 Greenfire imports.  We like the blue of the Greenfire eggs as opposed to the Jill Rees, it is much bluer.  Legbars are the most popular auto-sexing chicken […]

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Black Copper Marans

These beauties lay the darkest egg of all the breeds we have. The egg is so dark and lovely.  Black Copper Marans originated in France in the town of Marans. They don’t mind confinement and love to free range. The original French birds have feathered legs as do ours. Our birds originally came from Jeane, […]

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Coucou de Malines

  These huge, imposing birds known as Belgian Malines, Mechels, or Coucou de Malines are calm and docile. Malines are an interesting general purpose fowl that combines a very good laying capability (140 to 160) large to jumbo eggs per year with very good flesh growth making them an excellent choice for a heritage meat […]

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Lavender Orpington

Greendale Heritage Farm imported Lavender Orpington’s from English lines. We were the first in Canada to import this variety and have been breeding them since 2010. Greendale’s line is from a Pure English Lavender Orpington rooster, imported from Great Britain by Marc Sacre Heirloom Orpington’ s. The Lavender hens were English/Hink JC hens. These Lavender […]

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Cream Brabanter

Wonderful rare breed, large white eggs, excellent foragers, and crazy head feathers and a beard that you will love!  The Brabanter Chicken is a very old breed of fowl that originated in the Netherlands. Known for their strikingly beautiful looks, they are mostly bred for egg production and ornamental purposes. The Brabanter is a very […]

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Silverudd’s Isbar Blå

Greendale’s Silverudd’s Blue Isbar’ are super sweet. Our flock is composed of Greenfire Farms 1st and 2nd import birds and a line from Canada. This breed has quickly become a favorite breed of chicken! They are considered large fowl, but are compact and petite… but don’t let their size fool you – they are amazing […]

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Isabella Leghorns

Greendale is the one of the first to have these incredible flocks. I saw a picture of an Isabella Leghorn flock and had to have these stunning birds. Our farm is pretty much full, but.. chicken math and I had to have them!  I like to have two lines to work with so that is […]

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Isabel & Isabel Cuckoo Orpington

Our Isabel/ Isabel Cuckoo Orpington flock is a delight to the eye. Our stunning Isabel Cuckoo Orpington were obtained from Hugging Rooster Farm who’s genetics are Sugar Bend Farm, and Buckle Berry Farm , GA, USA.  They have very soft colors reminiscent of water colors.  The Isabel Cuckoo Orpington is a member of the Crele […]

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The Erminette

Rare Erminette, they are TOPS here on our farm. Gentle, big, dual purpose birds,that are excellent layers of large eggs. Roosters are amazing and do their job better then any breed on the farm. Erminette chicks are the healthiest, largest, fastest growing chicks we have. The hens are good layers of 180 plus LARGE light […]

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Opal Legbar

Greendale’s Opal Legbar are free ranged, yet if you call, they come running. They are very friendly, beautiful, sweet birds. Lovely to look at and a must for any backyard flock. Greendale’s flock consists of 13 Pure Opal hens,  and 5 Pure Opal Roosters.  Opal Legbar are a crested, barred lavender bird that lay blue […]

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Lemon Pyle Brahmas

New to Greendale Heritage Farm is our King of Chickens, Lemon Pyle Brahmas. We have a small flock of these lemon beauties. They are the sweetest birds on the farm. The Brahma is a massive chicken, they are the largest on our farm, and are only rivaled by the Jersey Giant. Despite their size and […]

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Small but mighty, the Serama is the smallest chicken in the world. It is a relative newcomer to the Western world, but has been known in Singapore for many years. It has the distinction of being a true bantam. Our Serama have won our hearts and though they are pet quality they are wonderful for […]

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Bantam Calico Cochins

Greendale’s  Bantam Calico Cochins are a delight to the eye and are extremely sweet birds. Our Cochins have feathered shanks and a nice round shape. Cochins are known to go broody and be excellent mothers. Our small flock looks delightful out in the green grass where they love to free range. We are fortunate to […]

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