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News for 2022

No Comments10 February 16:14

Hello Everyone!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be starting up in March this year. The chickens are doing great and starting to lay well. We have had family health issues this year that we are dealing with daily so if we haven’t answered you here through messenger or through our website please be patient. We will answer you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience. Thanks Peeps!

We do not use artificial lights, we let mother nature take it’s course. Once we do a few test hatches we offer our fertile hatching eggs and chicks. We hatch approximately every three weeks; these are large hatches as we like to vaccinate as many chicks at once as we can. We will update you in our “Available Now Album” on Facebook when we have some available after we fill our orders. You can order through our website Contact Form, or message me on our Facebook page here:[0]=AZXzHuAbWDrPq6JeItWrpOhh5A1WpaZ55u8CjVFAJkB5glcrHmoylCXufWLPXICsgMDbvwX80RLwPOpAah0r9SCnkMd-9KyRGqOazMjhjmKptORlEMpuXU-S5XYaPeNYOAL8vqFf3jlQsWSiZ3sm67Q7iHVR33jGBtjqg7HJeer3gg&tn=kK-R

Let us know what you are interested in, breed, how many and whether you want hatching eggs or chicks. If we have chicks or pullets available, they will be posted in the Chick and Pullets Available Album… We will be offering hatching eggs and chicks starting March 15th once we have tested fertility. Order from our website or message here. Our Breeds for 2022 are French Black Copper Marans, Isabel/Isabel Cuckoo Orpington, Erminette, Isabella Leghorn, Malines, Cream Brabanter, Silverrudd’s Blue Isbar, Lemon Pyle Brahma, Bantam Calico Cochin, Opal Legbar, Golden Crele Legbar and Serama. Sales will be online payment, EMT, or Pay Pal. Cash accepted upon pickup with prior arrangements. We ship hatching Eggs via Fed Ex, Purolator, and Canada Post all over Canada. Chicks maybe picked up at farm or flown by air, We follow Covid procedures. More Info in FAQ here on website.

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