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     Price List for 2022

Erminette $15 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Isabella Leghorn $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Black Copper Marans $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Malines $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 egg

Cream Brabanter $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Silverrudd’s Blue Isbar $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Lemon Pyle Brahmas, $15.00 per day old chick, $90.00 per dz eggs, $7.50 per egg 

Calico Bantam Cochin $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Bobtail Bantam Cochin $15.00 per chick, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $7.50 per egg

Serama $10.00 per chick, $54.00 dozen eggs, $4.50 per egg

We vaccinate with Marek’s vaccine for a $1.00 per chick. Let us know if you don’t want the Marek’s vaccination.

Chicks are sold unsexed  or straight run. The chicks are vaccinated with Marek’s at a day old. I custom hatch the chicks for you. Rule of thumb when ordering chicks for laying purposes, order double the amount of chicks that you would want to end up with as laying hens.

If you want hatching eggs to hatch eggs in your own incubator, I ship all over Canada. I would need your postal code for a quote.

Hatching Egg Orders

Once you have decided what hatching eggs you would like to purchase contact me from the contact page email stating what you are interested in, quantity and when you want them. When your order is received I place it on the hatching egg schedule. I will send you back an invoice with your total including shipping, packaging, and a date your eggs will be shipped. On any orders for  hatching eggs, payment must be made in full upon receiving your invoice. If you cancel your order for any reason other than the hatching eggs  have been delayed beyond the estimated ship date, your payment will be forfeited.  I do my best to accommodate your ship dates but in the end it is the hens who rule when I actually ship your order. We ship Monday-Tuesday and sometimes on Wednesday. You will receive an email from Canada Post with your tracking number the day I ship your eggs.

Day Old Chick Orders

I will custom hatch chicks with a minimum order of 10. You can mix and match from different breeds just as long as the total is 10 or more. All day old chicks are sold straight run, with exception to our auto sexing breeds, meaning normally 50/50 with the male/female ratio, but no guarantees. The rule of thumb for ordering chicks is to order twice as many chicks as you would want hens. Order by using our Contact page email, requesting the breeds of chicks you want, quantity, and when you would like them. I will email back with dates, availability and prices. We process and fill orders on the availability of egg to set basis. We will email you an invoice with the day your chicks will hatch and be ready for pick up or shipping. On any order for chicks a deposit of half the order total is requested. This will hold your place in line.  If you cancel your order for any reason other than the chicks have been delayed beyond the estimated ship date, your deposit will be forfeited.  Most of our customers pick up their day old chicks or arrange rides for them. We can ship by West Jet, this takes extra planning and costs. A Rubbermaid tote carrier will be added to you order along with shipping costs. There must be a direct flight to their destination and at least 10 chicks per order.

Chicks can be vaccinated with Marek’s Vaccine at a day old. There is a cost of $1.00 per chick for the vaccine. I have 3 Brinsea incubators with humidity that I hatch with, I have excellent results. The chicks are hatched in a separate building that is a clean isolated environment away from the flocks for disease prevention.

 Shipping and Receiving Hatching Eggs

Your hatching eggs will be packed with the utmost care and delivered by Canada Post, Fed Ex or Purolator. I ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure arrival before the weekend.  Our shipping procedures have been very successful since 2009 and in most case all eggs arrive intact and in good shape for hatching. We currently ship only within Canada.

Seldom but occasionally, regardless of how carefully your eggs are packed, packages are mishandled and delicate eggs arrive broken. We always try to include an extra egg or two to compensate for the possibility of breakage. Please contact us when your hatching eggs arrive with any concerns you may have. We want you to have a pleasant experience and hatch some beautiful chicks.

There is packaging charge of $6.50 per box depending on size of order.

When your hatching eggs arrive, they should be unwrapped, placed pointy end down, and allowed to rest for twelve hours or more without movement, before being placed in your preheated incubator. This will allow the air cell to stabilize and greatly improve your odds of success.

The eggs you receive will be from 1 to 10 days old. If your eggs must be stored for more than the 24 hours period,  you can extend their shelf life by keeping them at a cool 45-55 degrees and turning them 3 times daily until incubation begins. Hatching eggs should be placed in your incubator within a day of delivery for maximum results.

I can also include a 72 Hour UniHeat Pack for $6.00 in the box to insure safe shipping.

Purchasing shipped fertile hatching eggs is a risk!

Greendale Heritage Farms in no way guarantees your hatching egg success. There are many variables involved with the success or failure of your incubation experience. Unsuccessful hatches can and do happen.

Some of the possible causes of unsuccessful hatches are:
·Damage from mishandled packages in shipping
·Exposure of the eggs to extreme temperature/pressure/x-ray
·Inexperience with incubation/failure to prepare/improper technique
·Faulty incubators
·Incorrect incubator temperatures
·Incorrect incubator humidity levels
·Improper storage of eggs (not allowing your eggs to rest before putting them into the incubator)
·Improper cleaning of the incubator prior to starting incubation (this may allow bacteria to form and contaminate your eggs)

Please remember that you are not paying for chicks. You are paying for fresh, fertile eggs. Average hatch rates for shipped hatching eggs are around 45-50%,these are only averages. All of these things are generally understood by seasoned buyers of hatching eggs.  We do not want you to be disappointed in any way with your purchase. It helps to understand what to reasonably expect and accept the fact that from time to time hatches are unsuccessful, even for the experienced.

Farm Visits

For the health and safety of our birds we allow visits to our farm only upon pickup of hatching eggs and chicks. We practice bio security to protect our flocks and yours. Clothing, hands and footwear must be clean and free of debris. Please understand our birds mean everything to us and it is up to us to protect them from disease, we cannot risk their health by allowing farm visits.

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