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Bantam Calico Cochins

$20.00 per day old chick, $120.00 per dozen eggs, $10.00 per egg$

Greendale’s  Bantam Calico Cochins are a delight to the eye and are extremely sweet birds. Our Cochins have feathered shanks and a nice round shape. Cochins are known to go broody and be excellent mothers. Our small flock looks delightful out in the green grass where they love to free range. We are fortunate to have obtained our flock from Monkman’s Poultry in Manitoba, who initiated this project variety of Calico ( Mille Fleur). 

If you want a bantam size , sweet backyard bird that is absolutely precious, then our Bantam Calico Cochin are for you.

$20.00 per day old chick, $120.00 per dozen eggs, $10.00 per egg

Limited quantities available. Contact for what we have available.





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