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Black Copper Marans

$7.50 per hatching egg, $15 per day old chick$

These beauties lay the darkest egg of all the breeds we have. The egg is so dark and lovely.  Black Copper Marans originated in France in the town of Marans. They don’t mind confinement and love to free range. The original French birds have feathered legs as do ours. Our birds originally came from Jeane, Presley and Davis lines in 2010. In 2015 we added four hens from a show breeder that has Davis, Channing Grisham and Jeane lines. In 2016 we added Bulbs of Fire’s line to our flock. In 2017 we added Phoenix Farms line.  The photo of our eggs is untouched and taken in the middle of their laying cycle. Marans eggs are darkest at the beginning of the laying and no hen can produce eggs as dark as the beginning every time. Egg colour can lighten somewhat towards the end of their cycle, then return to dark again after a period of rest. The eggs you receive could be lighter than pictured, but the chicks they produce will be capable of that type of egg. The Marans is one of the most popular breed on our farm. Our flock is big, healthy and prolific layers of the a big dark brown egg. This beautiful breed is calm, quiet and gentle. A truly wonderful breed to own and enjoy.

$7.50 hatching egg, $90.00 per dz eggs,  $15 per day old chick



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