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Cream Brabanter

$7.50 per hatching egg, $90.00 per dozen eggs, $15 per day old chick$

Wonderful rare breed, large white eggs, excellent foragers, and crazy head feathers and a beard that you will love! 

The Brabanter Chicken is a very old breed of fowl that originated in the Netherlands. Known for their strikingly beautiful looks, they are mostly bred for egg production and ornamental purposes. The Brabanter is a very rare breed even in its own habitat, and in the US, it is only the gold and the cream varieties that are commonly available. These chickens have two main distinguishing characteristics – a small tuft of feathers on the head, and a beard. They make a good choice for those who are looking to raise backyard flocks.

These are calm and intelligent birds that can well survive in confinement. They are also known to have a submissive behavior. They are child-friendly and are non-aggressive. These birds are very hardy and are also good foragers.

The females do not frequently go broody so produce a nice number of white eggs round the year. The eggs are large considering they come from a smaller bird.

These fowls have a fairly built structure and can make a decent table-bird. Their meat is tasty, and an individual can produce about 1 to 2 kg of meat.

These chickens can withstand low temperatures and live in cold areas since their wattles and smaller comb are less vulnerable to frostbite.

The Brabanter fowls have also been depicted in art, with the oldest known painting dating back to 1676 by Dutch animal artist Melchior d’Hondecoeter.

Our Cream Brabanter’s are from the USA and Canada.

$7.50 per hatching egg, $15.00 per day old chick, $90.00 per dz



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