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Crested Cream Legbar

$6.50 per hatching egg, $25.00 per pullet chick, $5.00 per cockerel chick$

Greendale Heritage Farm imported Cream Legbar chicks in the spring of 2013 from Greenfire Farm in Florida. Our Cream Legbar flock is made up of 2011 to 2013 Greenfire imports.  We like the blue of the Greenfire eggs as opposed to the Jill Rees, it is much bluer. Cream Legbars received a written standard by the Poultry Club of Great Britain in 1958. Cream Legbars are the most popular auto-sexing chicken breed in the world. Cream Legbars are medium sized and are a very active breed with the ability to survive well in a free range environment. The roosters are extremely vigilant and protective of the hens. The hens produce a large number of sky blue to light green eggs.  Our Legbars produce the beautiful sky blue egg and the egg size compares nicely to other larger breeds, very impressive for their size.

Not only does the Cream legbar have the ability to produce large amounts of pastel eggs, they are also auto-sexing! It is a convenience we are not accustomed to in Canada.  Auto-sexing chicken breeds like the Cream Legbar  hatch visually sexable chicks generation after generation. The Cream Legbar is very nice to look at with it’s flamboyant feathering. The hens sport a spiky feathered crest.

Cream Legbar day old pullet chicks are $25.00 each, day old cockerel chicks are $5.00 each. Hatching eggs are $6.50 each or $78.00 per dozen.

To view a video of one of our Cream Legbar Flocks click ink below:





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