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Isabel & Isabel Cuckoo Orpington

$90.00 per dz hatching eggs, $15.00 per day old chick, $7.50 per egg$

Our Isabel/ Isabel Cuckoo Orpington flock is a delight to the eye. Our stunning Isabel Cuckoo Orpington were obtained from Hugging Rooster Farm who’s genetics are Sugar Bend Farm, and Buckle Berry Farm , GA, USA.  They have very soft colors reminiscent of water colors.  The Isabel Cuckoo Orpington is a member of the Crele family. They were created by adding the diluting lavender gene to the Crele.  You will hatch mostly Isabel Cuckoo chicks and a few Crele chicks.  Crele Orpington is introduced into the breeding program to darken the Lavender and define the barred partridge pattern. They lay a beautiful pale brown egg with a pinkish tinge. They are very friendly, sweet and calm making them great 4H projects and they look beautiful on fresh green pasture!

Our Isabel Cuckoo Orpington are $90.00 per dz. hatching eggs and $15.00 per day old chick.

Copy and paste You Tube link above into your browser to see video of flock.

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