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Isabella Leghorns

$10 per hatching egg, $22 per day old chick, $120 per dozen hatching eggs$

Greendale is the one of the first to have these incredible flocks. I saw a picture of an Isabella Leghorn flock and had to have these stunning birds. Our farm is pretty much full, but.. chicken math and I had to have them!

 I like to have two lines to work with so that is what we bought, both from USA. We grew out these birds during 2019 and now have hatching eggs and chicks available to share with you.

We have found these birds typical of Leghorns. They are more alert than our other breeds and we love having them around.

The hens are absolutely beautiful birds and built like production machines which is typical of Leghorns in general. These girls are good producers that lay TONS of white eggs, incredibly trustworthy layers..

The roosters are quick and active and they are quick to notice anything out of the ordinary in their world. With a beautiful shade of lavender accented with gold these are stunning roosters.

We are lucky to have a huge flock of this amazing breed that make fabulous foragers, are hardy in all weathers, and very easy on the feed budget. If you want a breed that is not only gorgeous to look at but also lays lots of eggs, and are very easy keepers look no further! The Isabella Leghorns would make a great choice for you. 

$10 per hatching egg, $22 per day old chick, $120 per dozen hatching eggs


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