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Lavender Orpington

$6.25 per hatching egg, $12.00 per day old chick$

Greendale Heritage Farm imported Lavender Orpington’s from English lines. We were the first in Canada to import this variety and have been breeding them since 2010.

Greendale’s line is from a Pure English Lavender Orpington rooster, imported from Great Britain by Marc Sacre Heirloom Orpington’ s. The Lavender hens were English/Hink JC hens. These Lavender Orpington”s are part of the on going Lavender Project.  Greendale Heritage Farm is serious about improving the Lavender Orpington here in Canada.

Our Lavender’s are the best layers on the farm. The roosters are very impressive and the hens are sweet and beautiful. The chicks are exquisite with their Lavender down, like soft kitten gray.

Hatching eggs are $6.25 each, $75.00 per dozen, and day old chicks are $12.00 each, sold unsexed.



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