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Lemon Pyle Brahmas

$15.00 hatching egg, $30.00 per day old chick$

New to Greendale Heritage Farm is our King of Chickens, Lemon Pyle Brahmas. We have a small flock of these lemon beauties. They are the sweetest birds on the farm.

The Brahma is a massive chicken, they are the largest on our farm, and are only rivaled by the Jersey Giant. Despite their size and intimidating appearance they are gentle giants and well suited for beginners or families. They make a wonderful additions to any backyard flock. Despite their size our Brahmas are elegant chickens that move with grace and purpose.

The Brahma chicken was one of the ultimate table birds at one time, they are a dual purpose bird. The beautiful plumage of the Lemon Pyle variety only adds to this special breeds appeal.

They are fine in cooler climates and thrive where the weather can be cold.

They say that Brahmas will lay in the cooler months, right through the winter and slow down as spring starts to arrive. Great timing since other breeds will be just starting to lay.

Our Brahmas are very popular on our farm.

Limited Quantity, $15.00 hatching egg, $30.00 per day old chick

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