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Opal Legbar

$7.50 per hatching egg, $40.00 pullet chick, $15.00 per cockerel chick$

Greendale’s Opal Legbar are free ranged, yet if you call, they come running. They are very friendly, beautiful, sweet birds. Lovely to look at and a must for any backyard flock. Greendale’s flock consists of 13 Pure Opal hens, 7 Cream Split to Opal hens and 7 Pure Opal Roosters.

 Opal Legbar are a crested, barred lavender bird that lay blue eggs, and are autosexing. We thank Candace Waldron of Missouri, USA for creating this Legbar variety. Greendale’s flock consists of Opals from two breeders here in Canada.

Opal Legbar roosters are crested with lavender barring and golden highlights.  When the sun hits them shimmer silver. The golden highlights, contrasting the silvery barring, is breathtaking.

Opal Legbar hens are crested, pearl gray, with either silver barred or light straw-coloured hackle feathers. The hens are generally darker than the roosters complimenting the roosters silvery color beautifully. Some hens may have light peach breasts.

Opal Legbars hens are excellent layers of blue eggs. We are working on the blue egg colour by breeding our Opal’s back to our gorgeous Split Cream to Opal Legbar pullets that are in our flock. This will improve type, blue egg colour, auto sexing traits and feather quality. You may hatch Cream Split to Opal chicks with our Opal eggs. You too can continue to work on your Opals by breeding to quality Cream Legbars or Cream Split to improve on quality in all areas mentioned and expand the gene pool. Opal Legbars follow the same genetic breeding structure as other lavender birds. Birds need two copies of the lavender gene to express the lavender color.

Here is the Opal Legbar breeding chart:

Cream Legbar x Cream Legbar = 100% Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% splits (one copy lavender gene)

Opal Legbar x Split = 50% Opal Legbar, 50% splits

Split x Split = 25% Cream Legbar (no lavender gene), 50% split (one lavender gene), 25% Opal Legbar

Opal Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% Opal

Please visit or to visit Candace Waldon’s webpage and Facebook page to learn more about Opal Legbar.

$7.50 per hatching egg, $90.00 per dozen hatching eggs, $40.00 pullet chick, $15.00 per cockerel chick

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