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$4.50 per hatching egg, $10.00 per day old chick, $54.00 per dz eggs$

Small but mighty, the Serama is the smallest chicken in the world. It is a relative newcomer to the Western world, but has been known in Singapore for many years. It has the distinction of being a true bantam.

Our Serama have won our hearts and though they are pet quality they are wonderful for those of you who don’t mind if they are not to quite to standard. Our Serama would be class C. They are still very small and adorable. There is nothing prettier then a flock of them on a green lawn.

We have a huge flock of these hardy little guys. We raised a pair in our home, the cockerel started to crow at 4 weeks old and the hen started to lay eggs at 14 weeks old. By the time she turned 19 weeks old she went broody and hatched seven of her own tiny wonders.

They are hardy, prolific little chickens they lay a decent sized egg considering they are quite small. They are my favorite eggs for breakfast, two of them fit perfectly on a piece of toast.

They can live with larger chickens, some of ours prefer to move in with the larger breeds all on their own.

$4.50 per hatching egg, $10.00 per day old chick, $54.00 dz eggs

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