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The Erminette

$6.25 per hatching egg, $15 per day old chick, $75.00 per dz eggs$

We are so excited to share this beautiful rare breed. We believe we are the 1st in Canada to have this breed and share with you. With your help this bird can flourish once again. These birds were extinct in 1980 as history tells us, they date back to 1870’s. Luckily, a flock was found in 1990 and the birds have been preserved since then with the help of a few breeders and Sandhill Preservation Center.

The name Erminette is given to both a color and a breed in progress in the United States. The Erminette colour is a very attractive white with even black spotting, it is not a true breeding color, crossing two Erminette colored birds also giving white and black birds.

Our Erminette are lovely, gentle birds.

Erminette’s are dual purpose, cold hardy, large sized bird, good layers of LARGE size light brown eggs.

For more interesting information on the Erminette visit

$6.25 per hatching egg, $15.00 per day old chick, $75.00 per dozen eggs



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